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Marble Surface

Media Coaching

The ultimate goal when you're appearing on any type of media is to be an A+ guest expert or host. There is no wiggle room here and a little known secret is that producers grade their potential guests the first time they talk to you. The stakes are too incredibly high to not be an A+ guest and that's why if you're new to the media game you need an expert who's booked thousands of guests to show you the ropes and teach you the on-air secrets to success.


People are thirsty for content these days that's compelling and fresh. If you've ever wondered what type of content can get you booked on TV or any type of media then look no further. With my services I will show you how to pitch and produce content that people crave. There are producing formulas for every type of media and knowing what will make you stand out and get traction is of the upmost importance. Remember, If you can't tease your content than it's time to go back to the drawing board, or just hire me to produce you!

Image Consulting

It's truly remarkable how often the element of appearance is overlooked when it comes to media appearances. Your 'look' is imperative to your media success and you only get one chance to make an exceptional first impression. There's a reason major media productions have huge stylist teams for guests but often in local markets you are left to your own devices. I've been styling people for years and understand how to make you look incredible on-camera. From head-to-toe I will style you to perfection.

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